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Drowning in Do

Fallout_PIP-BoyBecoming good at anything takes practice. Practicing takes time.

Time…is something that adults seem to have very little of. It’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed in the fast paced career of Information Technology. There is always so much to learn, and so little time. At some times, I feel like I am drowning in all the things I need to do in order to stay employable in my field. Here is a methodology that I have used throughout the years, and it has become one of my better methods for keeping my head above water in the sea of do, and doing the things I need and want to do for acquiring gnu skills.

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Cache Money

18_The_Nuka-Cola_ChallengeI was reading the Voice of the DBA and it referred to a post by Brent Ozar about caching at the database level.  After discussing it with my homey, he thought it sounded a lot like memoization (I like to say it with a 3 stooges voice, mem moy Zay Shun).  According to wiki, Memoization is a specific case of optimization, which seems to be what we are doing when we cache the results of a stored procedure.

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Workload Simulation With SQL Data Generator

testing is science…


In college one of my mentors was a jedi  master of simulations and testing.  The guy could write a simulation for just about anything you can think of, and with anything you can think of.  I’m pretty sure that he once made a neural network for simulating dinosaur procreation rates…using sticks and mud (true story).  Simulating workloads can help you thoroughly test ideas and present data to management that will allow them to make informed decisions.  IRL, your career will be much happier if you can test your ideas BEFORE deploying them to production.  No one is asking you to have good ideas all the time, but the business is depending on you to come up with ideas that will work as intended.  The only way to accomplish this responsibly, is to test.

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