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TidalCycles with Linux and Bitwig


When I first started with TidalCycles, the pattern generating library for use with SuperDirt/SuperCollider, I had originally tried to use a Linux VM.  I had really wanted to get this working but I kept running into errors that I’m going to say were because of the Hypervisor.  I was able to get SuperCollider installed, but never able to get a sound to happen and Jack would end up crashing the VM.  During this time I had also installed things on my Windows machine and my Macbook Pro.  After getting most of my life moved to the Macbook my Windows machine opened up for more experimental usage so I decided to try this again only with Linux directly on the hardware rather than a VM.

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Visualizing Tidal Patterns via MIDI

bad ideas…

Anyone that has dipped into any programming language, or any commendable skill knows that practice makes perfect.  I’d wager that most of us that are using Tidal are doing this constantly…I mean even kindohm did a pattern a day for a full year (which I would attribute as directly leveling up his skills).  I’m trying to do something similar but since MIDI is my digs, that is what I’m using.

In this post I’ll be showing you a quick and simple method for visualizing your patterns using Tidal Midi and Ableton (but any DAW that can record MIDI should work).

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Tidal Midi

script it…walk away.

I remember a time when I used to come up with witty or comical titles for my posts, but now it’s pretty much just that which my brain is left with after somewhat agonizing experimentation.

This post is about Tidal MIDI which is really just Tidal patterns utilizing MIDI functions from SuperDirt.  At the time of this post the stable MIDI features (for me at least) are found in the 1.0-Dev branches of SuperDirt and Tidal.  Getting these installed can be kind of a PITA so I’ll try to document that as well.

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