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Modular on the Spot 01-27-2016

First Modular on the Spot for the year 2016 went off with some sick performances and a special guest appearance by Tony Rolando from Make Noise!

Great turnout, and the Periscope broadcast brought in about 31 viewers including one that called himself Tom Erbe :). I was only able to get the audio for Bana’s set directly from the mixer, after that some technical difficulties occurred, but the videos are decent.

Can’t wait for the next one

Bana Haffar

Tony Rolando from Make Noise

@drumce11 Mo Espinzoa

@rodent516 Rodent (Eric Cheslak)

Anthony Baldino

One thought on “Modular on the Spot 01-27-2016

  1. Sounds like if he gets too close to the river he would get eletrocuted….very cool sound!

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