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Automated restore using Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Backup

script it…walk away.

Greetings humans. This is the second time I’m writing this post because of some wordpress trickery, so pardon me if I make it short. I’m still finishing up part 2 of my first Simple Talk article, while making sure I’m ready for two more presentations, all while making sure I’m ready for a musical performance May 1st. So things are a little busy 🙂

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Cassandra Install Helper Script

script it…walk away.

So while I’ve been doing research into the use of NoSQL platforms to augment or improve our infrastructure, I’ve had to create many…MANY Cassandra clusters. These are all testing and dev level clusters but regardless of their deployment level, the act can become very tedious. Because I’m a firm believer in repeatable builds I put together this helper script.

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Drowning in Do

Fallout_PIP-BoyBecoming good at anything takes practice. Practicing takes time.

Time…is something that adults seem to have very little of. It’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed in the fast paced career of Information Technology. There is always so much to learn, and so little time. At some times, I feel like I am drowning in all the things I need to do in order to stay employable in my field. Here is a methodology that I have used throughout the years, and it has become one of my better methods for keeping my head above water in the sea of do, and doing the things I need and want to do for acquiring gnu skills.

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SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting with Ozar Unlimited

career development…

I was lucky enough to attend the SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting  in San Diego with the Ozar Unlimited team.  I like to review events that I attend and I take some pride in telling people how it is, and how it was, at least from my perspective.  With that being said, anything said in this post is my own opinion and not related in any way to any other entity.  I’m also going to leave out quite a few of the details since part of the fun was the unknown, and the Ozar Unlimited team did a great job at keeping the training fun.  In order to keep this post a reasonable length, I’m only going to be picking my top three modules from each day.

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Browser spellcheck…bad omen???


Just me baby…

So I was sending an email using firefox and google business apps.  Nothing out of the ordinary, I noticed that my last name Hidalgo came up with the squiggly red line underneath, so naturally I right clicked it to see what would happen…

#1 option on the spell check suggestion list… “Homicidal”