Cassandra Install Helper Script

script it…walk away.

So while I’ve been doing research into the use of NoSQL platforms to augment or improve our infrastructure, I’ve had to create many…MANY Cassandra clusters. These are all testing and dev level clusters but regardless of their deployment level, the act can become very tedious. Because I’m a firm believer in repeatable builds I put together this helper script.

Basically the script will do all the grunt work of installing java, and installing Cassandra. Once it’s completed you will need to edit your cassandra.yaml file (As soon as I get a minute I plan on altering this so it will configured the majority of the yaml file as well). After this you should only need to edit the following yaml settings as seen on DigitalOcean

cluster_name: 'Name'
initial_token: Token
- seeds:  "Seed IP"
listen_address: 'Droplet's IP'
endpoint_snitch: 'RackInferringSnitch'


The file was created to download the current stable version of Apache Cassandra, so as that changes you may need to edit the wget download link. I’ve only tested this with Ubuntu 13 & 14.

You can download the script at GitHub


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