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magnetic_personality_vault_boy_by_colonelegzDue to another article with a very similar headline that was just recently posted I have decided to change my presentations for tomorrow. I also felt after reviewing my presentation numerous times that the scientific method is really just an example in the larger message that I am trying to communicate.
3567 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

You can get all the details at the Inland Empire SQL Server User Group page

Presentation 1: Baseline, like a Boss

How do you know when things get better? How do you know when things get worse? How can you quantify performance gains or losses? Establishing and recording baseline values is critical for comparison and analysis, but where do you start? Join me as I demo real world benchmarking in order to establish baselines for your server, and to discuss real world scenarios where it just might save your bacon.

Presentation 2: Methods Vs. Mayhem

Description: Have you ever stopped to think about your problem solving process? Do you have a methodical approach, or do you Google in a panic and try every setting change on the first page of hits? Luckily for us, people have been developing, and optimizing methodical problem solving for centuries. Our predecessors have laid out several different approaches to problem solving leaving us to simply find the one that works for us, and implement it. In this presentation we will examine a few established methodologies for troubleshooting, then ask a simple question and walk through the steps to eventually (hopefully) find a solution.

Still hope to see you there.

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