Trace Flag 3226 – Suppress Log was backed up messages


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I’ve been out for the last month adventuring in Bolivia.  During this time my inbox stacked up with newsletters and digests galore, mostly from SQL Skills and SQL Server Central.  In the 11/25/2013 SQLSkills Insiders email Paul Randall highlights a couple trace flags that should be enabled.  First, if you haven’t been to…you probably aren’t googling right.  These are the pros that provide pro information to help other pros become pro…er?  I learn so much on a weekly basis by reading articles from the SQL Skills team, so I highly recommend you check it out, and sign up for the emails.

Back to the topic at hand, in this RunAs Radio Show Trace Flag 3226 is mentioned.  Stop filling up your logs with successful transaction log backup messages = WIN, especially for those of us that perform log backups every 5 or 10 minutes.  After adding this flag, Log File Viewer and my eyes are much happier.  I would assume that you have setup your transaction log backup job to send an email on failure (you did this right?), so you can enable this trace flag safely and experience a pruned log file summary.

You can view trace flags here and read up on what they do.  I would suggest before enabling any trace flags, you first research, and test.  I went the route of enabling this flag on one of my virtual test servers, and I will wait at least a week before deploying into production.


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