The server network address can not be reached or does not exist


Your hero for the day!

So it’s been awhile…quite a few month since I was able to find the time to post.  The IT Manager gig has been very consuming…combined with my role as a father (play the violin now) and a husband, I really haven’t had time outside of all that…all that and diablo 3.

I ran into this error again…1418!  We had our primary database server’s powervault die…oh noes (seriously oh noes), but I was able to failover to the mirror.  A couple weeks later we get the old primary back up and running and I go to setup ezmode mirroring and this error pops up.

Naturally being pro, I performed all the obvious steps…are the ports listening, did i use norecovery, are the service accounts right (see my last post about battling this demon)…nay brethren and sisteren…this time I had nubiously left the old endpoint intact.  See the powervault died and took the entire data drive with it, so all i did was a quick uninstall reinstall of sql server when we were back up and running…figuring that such an operation would remove any settings…Now naysayers may post, haters gon’ hate….but I was only able to get past this error once I ran.


On both servers (the principal and the mirror), I’m not drunk atm but it clearly took enough time to give me the successfully completed message, after that…I was able to GUI style mirroring.


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