Performance Dashboard Reports – SQL Server 2008 x64


Your hero for the day!

Surprisingly, perhaps I don’t get out enough, I just found this blog article by Mr.KenJ on using the performance dashboard report to methodically move through missing indexes and create the ones that will be awesome.

Naturally after reviewing it I was eager to fire things up and finally get some of the 387 missing indexes chopped down on our main production server.  I installed the SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports and happily ran the performance dashboard report….  -_-

Didn’t work…

Reading through some other blogs you need to modify a few places in the setup.sql which isn’t a big deal, to get it completely working its a few fixes and no more than 10 minutes of googling.

I thought I’d be a nice guy and post the setup.sql file.  This file works for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 x64


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