Why Powershell???

Fallout_PIP-BoyYou know who you are…”we could just use reporting services…”

Yes we could.  I’d just have to allocate a server (or use my desktop), then install reporting services…which requires the installation of sql server…unless you plan to run reports on production, which you won’t…or you want to run it on staging…the red headed step server….then you could configure many reports with many datasources…and get pretty emails…after you have an email account, and because email is cool

Or you know that it’s pretty certain that a windows server running sql is going to have powershell installed (well unless it’s a server from the ancients) and you could easily utilize nothing but a command prompt (with powershell installed) and run scripts.  Then in a matter of 10 minutes…tasks that might have taken an hour or two are neatly formatted in html pages that link together and give you all the info you need in order to walk away, get coffee and smoke if you got em?  Oh, that’s 10 minutes because I only watch 10 servers now…so a minute a server.


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